Vision Plan of America is a Knox-Keene licensed specialized vision HMO, serving thousands of Californians, since 1986.

Vision Plan of America provides its subsribers preventative eye care, offering a complete annual eye examination. If the need for eyecare is present after the examination, our plans all provide ophthalmic lenses, ophthalmic frames and contact lenses to correct visual deficiencies.

Vision Plan of America provides comprehensive eyecare plans to individuals, groups, associations, municipalities, etc. We are dedicated to providing a “High Visbility” program, within a managed care, cost containment system.

Vision Plan of America Features

  • Employer Paid Participation
  • Voluntary Participation (All Plans)
  • Stand Alone Benefits
  • Added Dental Benefits
  • No pre-authorization
  • No waiting period
  • No pre-existing exclusions
  • No claim forms(HMO)
  • No Administrative paperwork
  • Monthly premiums are reasonable and predictable
  • Guaranteed enrollment
  • Providers throughout California
  • Simple monthly billing to employer
  • Our specially trained staff is available to answer questions at 1-800-400-4VPA


Vision Plan of America believes that good eye care begins with a complete eye examination. All Vision Plan of America doctors agree to provide members with a complete diagnostic exam, which includes: a detailed personal case history; visual acuity testing; an examination of ocular mobility and pupillary reflexes; glaucoma, refraction, and binocular tests; interorcular examination; consultation by other specialists if required; and lens prescription if necessary.

Vision Plan of America services are easy to use:

1) Members select a primary care specialist (provider) from our growing network;
2) A membership card is issued with the selected doctor’s name, address, and phone number;
3) Members set up an appointment for their examination and the Vision Plan of America service philosophy takes over from there.

Vision Plan of America provides personalized service to its members. Payment for services provided by our doctors is handled directly with Vision Plan of America. The member has no forms to complete and will only be charged for the required co-payment(s). Additionally, our providers will supervise vision services rendered by other doctors and specialists.

Vision Plan of America’s services are available for just pennies per day. Membership can be open to employees only or to employees and their eligible dependents, individuals and families.


The plan’s health care delivery system is composed of a network of independent contractor providers. The plan has contracted with optometrists and ophthalmologists (providers) who have established practices in those communities served by the plan. The relationship of the optometrists to the plan will be as independent contractors who will provide the primary vision care to the plan’s members. In addition, the plan has entered into agreements with specialists to accept referrals of plan members from contracting doctors.

Vision Plan of America doctors have been carefully selected as demonstrating the highest professional standards and who utilize state-of-the-art vision care technology. All the doctors have been reviewed and selected by our quality assurance committee to assure the highest quality care possible.

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